West Palm Beach Commercial Pressure Washing

Providing Pressure Cleaning For Commercial Properties In West Palm Beach, Florida

At West Palm Beach Pressure Cleaning, we offer an array of pressure cleaning for commercial properties services to the residents of West Palm Beach, Fl and its neighbors. Through our many years of service, we have perfected the art of commercial property pressure cleaning. This ensures that you get high quality commercial cleaning services at all time.

In our pressure cleaning for commercial properties, we utilize both hot and cold water, steam, have an adjustable pressure system and specialized chemicals. More so, we offer our clients Eco-friendly and cost effective solutions to our West Palm Beach Florida customers. We are available on various schedules ranging from weekly, monthly or one offs to suit our customer needs. Some of our services include:

New Building Cleaning

Staining and efflorescence are common upon completion of a new building. We have staff who are trained to ensure that these stains are removed leaving the building sparkling clean. We also extend these services to newly laid pavements and patios.

Forecourt Cleaning

Forecourts should always be maintained in an incredible state. To ensure this, we offer either a one off or continuous maintenance services for the different forecourts in West Palm. From shopping malls to courts outside the garage, we offer them all.

Chewing Gum Removal

Chewing gums have become a common and persistent problem in commercial properties. They have that unwelcoming look and are advisable to get rid of them. To ensure this, we offer pressure cleaning services to leave your working place fresh and free of gum.

Graffiti/Paint Removal

From office to restaurant walls, graffiti seem to be the order of the day. More so, they are harder and rigorous to remove using other methods. Using hot water high pressure cleaning systems we are able to not only remove graffiti but also carry out total paint removal if you so desire.

Car park Cleaning

Our pressure cleaning for commercial properties also includes parking lots. High pressure car park cleaning services targets the floors, pillars, walls, and graffiti removal.

Play Grounds/Play Areas

We integrate variable pressure, Eco-friendly chemicals and trained staff to carry out an in-depth pressure cleaning of commercial play areas around West Palm.


We specialize in rejuvenating the glory of old and tired looking company’s buildings ensuring that they look better after renovation.

Commercial Bin Cleaning

Bins tend to get messy much faster. we offer professional pressure cleaning services on need basis to residents of West Palm. We also entertain regular high pressure bin cleaning schedules to ensure that our customers appreciate and enjoy a good life. It is our duty to ensure that these bins are clean and smell fresh as your provider of pressure cleaning for commercial properties.